Use WASD to move the black square in the center of your screen (your square).

Left-click the icons or use 12345 to switch between traps in your inventory on the left side of your screen.

Left click to place traps under your square. Right-click traps to remove them from play and bring them back to your inventory.

Left-click players on the leaderboard to sabotage them. This allows you to spend gold squares to send enemies after them.

Use the R key to toggle half particle mode (this can greatly increase performance).

Use the F key to toggle borderless mode (this can also greatly increase performance).


After a minute of playing, enemies will begin to come after you. If you get hit by an enemy, it will take away some of your health (the pink bar in the top left).

Place traps to destroy enemies so they split into point squares.

Point squares fill up your level bar (the green bar in the middle bottom). When it gets filled, you level up, gaining access to more traps in your inventory as well as upgrades to your square or new types of traps.

Towers are scattered around the map and offer various boosts to your square or your traps. Or (like the blue and pink towers) they may spawn squares.

Gather gold squares to sabotage other players on the leaderboard. Left click player's names to sabotage.

Gold squares can also be used to buy pets on the home screen. These pets offer extremely useful abilities or buffs.

Gather shield squares to build up your shield. Once full it will create a shield that will protect you from enemies.


For the most part objects in the game are color coordinated.

Traps will be pale green, pale blue, light yellow, pink, or orange.

Enemies will be red (threatening), dark purple (dangerous), light purple (vicious), and black (formidable).

Point-related items will be a light green.

Health-related items will be pink.

Slowness-related items will be a light yellow.


Music and sounds can be muted with the audio button next to the leaderboard.

That's it you're all ready to play!