Coming soon

- Placeable towers

- Improved sabotage system

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Jan 13 2023 - v3.0.1

- Fixed mute button not working

Jan 9 2023 - v3.0.0

update v3.0.0 banner

- Added account and login system

- Gold squares, unlocked pets, current selected pet, and skin are saved to account

- Account records total points, total enemies destroyed, and total traps placed

- Added time played stat on end screen

- Added more towers around map

- Added new shield pet - generates a shield for you repeatedly

update v3.0.0 pet

- Names on leaderboard are now same as skin

- Music is now random for every load

- Changed color of shell enforcer tower

- Traps placed by trap pet now count towards total traps placed

Jan 6 2023 - v2.6.0

update v2.6.0 banner

- Added a new shield system

- Added shield squares that fill up shield bar (under health bar)

- Player gains shield buff when shield bar is filled

- Added 15 new skins

update v2.6.0 skins

- Buffed killer pet - increased the number of point squares that drop when it destroys enemy

Jan 4 2023 - v2.5.0

update v2.5.0 banner

- Added two more pets undying and point

- Undying pet will save you from death but only works once per game

- Point pet passively gives you points

- Made it so pets stay next to you instead of going under you

Jan 3 2023 - v2.4.0

update v2.4.0 banner

- Added sounds for destroying enemies and placing traps

- Added background music (both can be muted with the sound button next to the leaderboard)

- Fixed bug that made gold squares and health squares harder to pick up

Jan 2 2023 - v2.3.1

- Pets can now be unselected

- Optimised code to increase performance

- Fixed bug where basic traps could not be placed with hotkey

Jan 1 2023 - v2.3.0

update v2.3.0 banner

- Added pets!

- Three pets have been added the trapper, health, and killer and can be bought with gold squares

- Trapper pet will place basic traps for you

- Health pet will heal you

- Killer pet will destroy enemies every few seconds

update v2.3.0 pets

- Changed default names

Dec 30 2022 - v2.2.0

update v2.2.0 banner

- Added a new history system for top scores

- Days top score no longer resets with update

Aug 24 2022 - v2.1.2

- Game now times out if window is switched for too long

- You can no longer sabotage yourself (special thanks to Quintain)

- Minor improvements to performance

- Made gravity slowing down effect frame rate independent

- Made it slightly easier to pick up particles

- Nerfed burrowing enemy - damage: 40 > 30 - burrowing time: 5 sec > 2.5 sec (special thanks to Quintain)

- Fixed bug where you could go too far to the right when switching skins

Aug 22 2022 - v2.1.1

- Added a new feedback form

- Nerfed player speed upgrade to make it far more useable

Aug 21 2022 - v2.1.0

update v2.1.0 banner

- Added a borderless mode - greatly improves performance - toggled with button or F key

- Added a half particle mode - also greatly improves performance - toggled with button or R key (special thanks to Quintain)

- Player now actually moves at a constant speed when moving diagonally

Aug 19 2022 - v2.0.4

- Made player movement way smoother

- Changed your to you're in the tutorial

Aug 18 2022 - v2.0.3

- Fixed rare bug that could cause skin to be wrong

Aug 18 2022 - v2.0.2

- Made sabotage alert message visible for longer

Aug 17 2022 - v2.0.1

- Fixed bug where player moved too slowly when going diagonal

Aug 17 2022 - v2.0.0

update v2.0.0 banner

- New gameplay mechanic: sabotage - left click other players on the leaderboard to send enemies after them

- Added a loading screen

- Added new transparent skins

- Player now moves at constant speed when moving diagonally

- Text is now centered in messages

- Cursor is now a square

- Fixed bug where bomb and micro trap inventory icons would be too high

Aug 14 2022 - v1.4.0

update v1.4.0 banner

- Added a "today's top score" section

- Added gold squares - no use yet but coming soon

- Added new skins - neon colors

- Fixed bug where regain traps could regain too much health

Aug 13 2022 - v1.3.2

- Fixed bug where dead players stayed on leaderboard

Aug 13 2022 - v1.3.1

- Fixed bug that was causing server to crash

Aug 12 2022 - v1.3.0

update v1.3.0 banner

- Added skins - change your appearance!

- E can now be used to place selected trap

- Fixed bug where a trap's health would be negative

Aug 12 2022 - v1.2.0

update v1.2.0 banner darkness enemy

- Added Darkness enemy (formidable class)

- Nerfed Hydra enemy

- Buffed Regain traps - especially at higher levels

Aug 10 2022 - v1.1.0

update v1.1.0 banner

- Player now stands out more

- Changed order of what traps appear over each other

- 12345 hotkeys can now be used to switch traps

- Enter can now be used to pass death screen

- Added a tutorial

- Fixed rare bug that would throw nickname error

- Fixed bug where pressing enter mid game makes screen blank

Aug 9 2022 - v1.0.2

- Game resizes with window

Aug 8 2022 - v1.0.1

- Players can no longer just use spaces for a name

- Fixed bug where total traps placed would be wrong

- Fixed bug where total enemies defeated would be wrong

Aug 6 2022 - v1.0.0

update v1.0.0 banner comes online!